Month: November 2019

Hoyt St DT on LY Evo FlyTrap

Hoyt St Drive Train – The Cadillac of Esk8 drive systems

Let me start with this… I have about 400 miles on the drive train now and have literally not had to turn a screw once. This drive system is $800, if you’re not looking to buy a fault-free and bullet proof drive train with as easy an installation as I’ve ever seen, then just move […]

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10 Questions with Slick Revolution

Slick Revolution burst their way into the esk8 scene after their successful Kickstarter campaign for a complete pre built esk8 back in late 2017. In more recent times, Slick Revolution has gained attention for a couple of their products, namely their “Foamies” wheels, which in the eyes of some, bridge the gap between pneumatics and […]

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The story of a boy and his raffle

A dark night, in the middle of the Shenandoah forest, I had finally found a spot with cell phone service. By myself, no skateboards nearby, what should I do? I know! Check out the forum! I kill a lot of time on this forum, I’ve developed my skills and my super cool friends list […]

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EnertionBoardsUSA – A New Hope

In this article, we interview Kurt Benson from EnertionBoardsUSA to find out what his connection is with Enertion and what’s going on behind the scenes!

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OG Carvons – A Comprehensive Review

Esk8 news managed to snag a dual drive sample of original Carvon prototypes, and today we’re putting this now historic piece of technology to the test as if it had just been released.

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