These items are good enough to get top billing here at esk8.news. At least for a little while.

Ackmaniac Firmware & App

How to: Ackmaniac ESC Tool

It seems there are some issues with the newest VESC Tool (as of 06/20/2019) including the absence of an ERPM limit for direction change (reverse) and unusable values applied with the motor setup wizard. After a recent discussion with Trampa, it appears that feature requests are equal to “You are all very good at complaining […]

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Lacroix Boards Interview: Johnny answers all the questions

Join me as I talk shop with Jean-Francois Bouchard of Lacroix Boards and get all of the important questions answered.

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TB110 Wheels from Torqueboards. Like spreading butter on your board.

Well, maybe it’s more like putting butter under your board. Or butter on each individual wheel or something. Quit being a jerk. You know what I meant. Point is, these new wheels from Torqueboards are incredibly cushy, have rebound for days, and offer damn nice grip in dry conditions. I first started lusting after these […]

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