These items are good enough to get top billing here at esk8.news. At least for a little while.

10 Questions with CARVlab.

With so many companies offering esk8 products and services, sometimes it feels like we’re just seeing more of the same with different names on it. Thankfully, the same cannot be said if you’re standing in very a specific area of Boise, Idaho.  Because there, at the headquarters of CARVlab, founder Andrew Allsbury and his resident […]

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How to turn a Lexus into a Corvette.

Thanks to the fine folks at Exway, I’ve had extensive time with the X1 Pro over the last few months. In my original review, I think I made it clear that IMHO this is a very unique and special esk8: https://esk8.news/the-exway-x1-pro-think-of-it-as-a-1375-lexus/ A few weeks after I posted that review, they sent us a Riot belt […]

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A Day With Enertion & The Raptor Ruckus

As some of you might have noticed, Enertion has been doing a worldwide tour recently called the “Raptor Ruckus”. Aside from the Paris event, Jason and his crew hit several other cities in Europe. I took the time to meet up with them in Germany. Quick Notes:– This was not planned. It was happy coincidence […]

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