Jed Boards Interview: What are they doing over there?

In our first ever interview at we manage to corner Jeremy Bogan of JED Boards and force him to answer tough questions such as “where the hell are all the boards?” and “can I get some clear wheels filled with gold glitter and LEDs?” and “why are you even doing this?”

We also go on to cover their gear drive systems, battery packs, Boa Wheels, their general plan of attack, and the underlying philosophy of JED Boards. He even quotes his mom.

damon wood

Damon is a professional electric skateboard builder of over four years and builds under the brand Long Haired Boy Fine Electric Skateboards (LHB, LHB FES) and is also an active member of and leader in the electric skateboard building community. He's also a traitor and rides an electric unicycle, so don't fall in love just yet.