Lacroix Boards Interview: Johnny answers all the questions

We finally cornered Jean-Francois Bouchard (Johnny) of Lacroix Boards on google hangouts long enough to get some questions answered. Johnny and I go way back, so it was a fun talk and we got to the bottom of some serious mysteries like where he learned magic and what’s the worst and most hilarious mistake he’s ever made.

We cover all the basics, such as how he got into esk8, how he got started with Lacroix and even got some random opinions out of him. Then we turned it over to the forum members as I went down the list of questions and comments they demanded answers for. Important questions such as who has sent him the most broken stuff to fix, what gear he’s currently lusting after, and will he put out on the first date and if so how about Tuesday. Just to be clear: Johnny may put out on the first date depending on who it is, but not on Tuesday. That’s taco night.