Lazyrolling’s Reflective Wheels Are Very, Very Reflective

Forever ago, in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of meeting the men behind Stockholm’s Lazyrolling: Daniel Linder and Robin Larsson Gylling. One of them was dressed like a pizza, but I didn’t let that distract me from their cool accents and friendly demeanors. One of the memorable things about them was thier more than casual interest in safety. At one point during a night ride, they were handing out red and white LED arm bands to everyone in the group so that we could be seen better. They even teased me about skating in flip flops, which I was only doing because I normally skate casually barefoot when the weather’s right. However, this was Vegas. No one should ever expose their bare skin to the surfaces of Sin City. Not even a foot. Therefore, flip flops.

This interest in safety and high visibility has lead them to develop a rather clever, if passive, solution: wheels with a highly reflective treatment.

Lazyrolling’s Reflective Wheels

We haven’t ridden them yet, but they feel good in hand. At 78A and 97mm with the usual contact patch for that height, it should be a good all around wheel for general purpose riding. They certainly seem durable, as this post on the @lazyrollers instagram feed would indicate:

We’ll let you know our findings as we wear them out, but I fully expect them to be a quality product. Wheels that chunk at a moment’s notice or fall apart probably aren’t what a safety oriented company is looking to produce.

Other Cool Stuff From These Guys

Lazyrollers also sells the previously mentioned LED glowing armbands on their shop, as well as a few other things such as built-in style bearings and a nifty skate tool. Most notable, however, is the new armored hoodie they’re putting out there via indigogo. With removable armor plates and kevlar woven into the inner lining, it looks dope and will likely save you a few abrasions. It looks like it might be a nice alternative to my armored motorcycle shirt I’m currently wearing when I want to go fast and be able to hit the street rolling without blood loss if the occasion calls for it.