TorqueBoards Announces 110mm Kegel Core Wheels

TorqueBoards, a brand known to be tied to and exclusively sold by, has announced that it will soon be making available a new wheel targeted, unsurprisingly, at the electric skateboard market.

The new wheel will be an offset Kegel core which, much to our satisfaction, means that it will fit existing pulleys designed for other wheels that have this core type, including but not limited to everything from Ahmyo Akashas, Orangutan Kegels and Caguamas, Ollin Popocas, and Boa Constrictors.

The most interesting characteristic about this new wheel offering is its monstrous 110mm diameter and proportional 68mm contact patch to match. At 78A, a wheel this size and softness will be super comfy and full of traction, but also heavy as shit. The only other wheel approaching this configuration is the highly praised and recently sold-out-everywhere Boa Constrictor. Slick Revolution’s Rough Stuff wheels are in this diameter class, but have a completely different contact patch and handling characteristics.

These new wheels will be a no-brainer match-up for TorqueBoard’s direct drives, which are still in preorder status as of this writing. The equally ginormous size of the motor cans on that drive system precludes using anything smaller than a 97mm wheel, and 100mm and up would be recommended. But with 110mm wheels, aggressive settings on your favorite motor controllers should yield some pretty serious results.

The tendency of the wheel to chunk remains to be seen as we have not yet been able to acquire any for testing. We were promised a set to test, and as soon as they arrive you can bet we’ll have them on a board and eating shitty pavement in short order. One thing remains certain, however. Boas are a hard act to follow, and the new TB wheels will have some serious tracks to fill. But if you’re looking specifically for a 110mm Kegel core, this will be your only option.

damon wood