Why you should want Hummie Hubs and how to get them.

With all the excitement over sweet AWD pneumie builds, tempting direct drive motors, and awesome esk8 events being pulled off all around the world, something pretty amazing is getting lost in the mix:

Hummie Hubs are being offered again.

For those well-versed in the esk8 DIY world, these hubs need no introduction. All over the forums, people have kicked themselves into a pink mist for not jumping into the last round of Hummies. But for those who might need a refresher on these bad boys, let’s go back over what this unique drivetrain offers:

  • 80mm wide replaceable urethane and matching ABEC Centrax fronts
  • High quality Paris 195 front and rear trucks along with a beefy 12mm motor hanger
  • A KV rating of around 80 for a great mix of torque and top speed
  • The option to run a sensorless FOC mode that is every bit as good as sensored FOC
  • An acceptable voltage range from 6S to 14s 
  • Top speeds of between 30 & 32 at 12s, 34 & 35 at 13s.
  • These hubs are a very popular setup for racers everywhere
    and a 4WD setup makes for a super-fast and incredibly well-controlled race board

It’s safe to say that these are as far away from mainstream hubs as you can possibly get. For many riders, they perform better than most belt drive systems and have less moving parts so less wear. They’re even better better than the acclaimed Carvon V4’s in both performance, wear and durability.

Mike Maner, one of the strongest contributors to esk8.news, was seriously skeptical when it came to these 83mm hub motors when they were first offered. After trying a set, he was forced to admit that the Centrax-wide wheelbase and high-quality urethane sleeves delivered way more comfort than he thought possible, and the performance was every bit as good as promised. He still rides them every chance he gets.

Mike also adds:

“I previously held the opinion that larger wheels, meaning taller, were the key to higher speeds, more comfort, and better control. Since riding Hummie Hubs I am happy to say I was partially wrong. While larger wheels give you more speed, assuming no other changes, wider wheels give you more comfort and control.

With the Hummie Hubs performance value coupled with the ABEC Centrax formula and wide stance, I can run over obstacles with more confidence and safer results than 100mm + wheels. The wide track/stance creates a lot of real estate where obstacles can pass the surface of the wheel and the softness of the formula creates a substrate that is perfect for grip and form.

One of the greatest aspects of these wheels is the low center of gravity you create when you install them on a drop deck. You’re so close to the ground that carving is much less work and much more stable. For me, the words “Lush” and “Performance” do a good job of describing Hummie Hubs.

Pro tip: Switching the FOC frequency to 30k makes it very quiet with zero other downsides.”

Yes, they’re on Kickstarter and here’s why that’s a good thing.

Unlike many kickstarter campaigns being put together by new and untested entrepreneurs, this one is being offered by someone who has already delivered products that not only met but exceeded the expectations of his buyers and supports his products to the point of his own detriment. He actually offers a lifetime warranty on his stuff. Where else are you going to find that?

This attitude is true of this previous 3 generations of quality hubs and also the case with his acclaimed esk8 decks. So with a proven track record behind him, Kickstarter is a great way for Hummie to conduct the business end of this venture.

Not only that, but Hummie routinely offers his gear with very little profit margin for himself, something unique in a time where greed often raises its ugly head. So you’re getting a performance-to-cost ratio that you just can’t find anywhere else. To that end, the prices on his Kickstarter include full extra sets of sleeves and wheels.

Whether you’re someone looking to inject serious life into a budget board or someone building an outright DIY monster, Hummies are a bolt-in answer that will give you everything you want.


Mike Maner