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Linny might a young dude, but his ganja-themed builds show a maturity and craftsmanship that belie his age. He picks his parts carefully, preps everything meticulously, then it all comes together in a flash.

Since his builds are so tight, it’s hard to pick out any one attribute. But if pressed, I might say that his paintwork is perhaps the most impressive feature of his builds. The paint is always deep and flawless to the eye, with excellent detail and polish. And I’m not saying this because I really, really, really want him to paint one of my boards. That would be wrong.

We’ll start with his most recent creation:

The Hash. 



Deck: Landyachtz Evo Falcon 36″

Enclosure: Eboosted Falcon enclosure 

Trucks/wheels: Haggy Kahua with Bergmeisters

Drivetrain: Avio AT Gear Drive

Motors: Flipsky 6354s 190kv

VESC: Focbox Unity

Battery: 10s4p 30Q battery pack. (Was considering other cells like 30T, 40T, or VTC5A in smaller cells to save on weight, but went for 30Q in the end because of $$.)

Misc: Riptide tunnel risers, bushings, and pivot cups.

Build Notes:

“Mmmmm… delicious. Final weight is right smack at 10kg surprisingly.

So yea, this build is perfect for urban carving and occasional offroad on grass etc. But I’ll probably use this often for when it has light rains. My area seems to have that often. It’s not heavy rain, but the floors get wet. The Landyachtz Evo deck with these trucks and wheels seem to be a good pair up, as the water that splashes does not hit the deck or enclosure, so the belly stays relatively dry. Of course, mud guards would help even more. So there! Hope you guys liked the build as much as I do.”

Next up:

Kushboard Jr.



Deck: Jet Spud

Drive system: Avio Gear Drive

Trucks: Caliber II 44 degree

Battery: 10S3P 30Q

Motor: 6374 TB 190KV 

VESC: TB 4.12 

Wheels: 107mm Abec Reflys

Build Notes:

“Do not underestimate this small guy. This mini monster truck can bomb hills and has crazy range for its size. Weighing at 8kg, it is a bit on the heavy side for a commuter board, but powered with a 10s3p battery on a single gear drive, the rolling resistance is almost… nothing! Throttle a little bit and let the free roll get you to your destination. Because of the efficiency from the gear drive and with the help of some ceramic bearings, the free rolling + my riding style gives me 50km range give and take. Previously on a belt drive with dual idlers, it would yield 40km or so.”

Next up:

The Kushboard Titan.



Deck: 34″ Jet Spud

Drive system: Dual Belt Drive

Trucks: Trampa Infinity

Battery: 12S5P 30Q

Motors: 6380 TB 170KV 


Wheels: Trampa SuperStars

Build Notes:

“What do you call an MTB set up on a longboard deck? A hybrid? Yea let’s go with that. The board is a 12s5p 30Q monster, powering two 6380s, giving lots of torque for decent offroading and crazy hill climbing ability. The 6.5 inch wheels help with comfort, and the power from this board is more than enough for a 70kg guy.”

Next up:

The Kushboard Nano.


Deck: 121c Orbiter 

Drive system: Avio Gear drive

Trucks: Custom pained Caliber

Battery: 7s2p 30Q 

Motor: 6355 TB 190KV |

VESC: Flipsky 4.12 |

Wheels: 97mm Abec Reflys

Build notes: 

“It’s a hella lightweight build. Weighing in at 5kg, it’s great for short commutes or if you have to mall grab it. Specs wise, it’s a 7s2p 30Q battery, a small pack which gives me 25km range on a gear drive. Using a torque boards 190kv 6355 motor on NuttyJeff’s Avio urethane gear drive on 17/45 gearing gives me good enough torque to handle inclines. Very carvey due to the soft bushings used but still very stable on 30km.”

Interested in taking part in the Builder’s Showcase? Send me a PM on the forum and we’ll get the process started.

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