Jeff Friesen Interview: Enertion, Unity, Remotes, and More

I’ve been wanting to do this a long time. Camera snafus aside, Jeff makes a great interview and tells us all about how he got into esk8, how and why he came up with the FocBox Unity concept, and what Enertion is up to as far as getting the orders out and overcoming delays.

We also find out that the Unity Firmware will be open sourced, that there is also an open source esk8 remote coming that will be guided by the community, and that Jeff daydreams sometimes about a six phase motor that the Unity could control. I wanted 11 phases but Jeff said no, that was stupid.

We then dove into our loving memories of riding Lacroix and Kaly NYC boards on the dirt track at IMI Motorsports in Colorado and how the Unity has really taken over as the ESC of board building.

Jeff then explains electric unicycles and why it took me so long to learn it, and how it would take him forever as well. Never mind the fact that as a roboticist he’s familiar with how that sausage is made and will always feel sketch about them.

damon wood