Here’s what we think about what’s going on in the industry and the community. Guestimations, wild speculation, and educated opinions abound.

Enertion – A Eulogy.

I feel like we’ve been here before. Enertion is dead, both online and in reality. The OG esk8 forum has been going down monthly, the last FOCBOX Unity’s have been sold, and the community has been ready to say goodbye for a while. I’ve followed Enertion closely since I met them in Berlin last summer […]

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Be the right kind of DIY guy.

For the right person, DIY builds are a challenging, humbling, expensive, educational, frustrating, and rewarding journey, but at the end of it all, you have a killer esk8. For the other 88% of you, it doesn’t end with sunshine and rainbows. You see, it takes a unique blend of attributes to pull off a successful […]

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Esk8 2018 – The Year in Review

Jamie ponders last year and the growth it brought us all. There was definitely a lot of growth in the esk8 scene in 2018!

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Why are electric skateboard ads such a bad influence?

If everyone should wear helmets, even if they don’t actually have to by law or rule, why are so many advertisers not doing the responsible thing?

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Eskating Is Not a Crime

Mixed signals, bad perceptions, and bureaucracy strike again. Inside are my thoughts on the existing policies, why they may or may not make sense, and what we can do if there’s any hope at all.

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