The technology of electric skateboarding. Here we visit new tech, old tech, and explore where the tech in our boards may be headed in the future.

A Unique ESC: The Spintend Ubox

I put the Spintend Ubox in my daily rider for a couple of months to see what its all about. Turns out it’s all about awesome.

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Should you join a chain gang?

The electric skateboard industry has been dominated by a number of different drive trains throughout the years. Hub motors have been very popular on lower priced boards predominantly in the prebuilt Chinese board market however there have been high performance hubs with varying success. Belt drive has been the go-to for many people both entering […]

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An Evasive icon: The ESCape

There is no denying that the ESCape was a serious gem for its time, especially for the esk8 community. To this day, many are appreciative of the work that Stewii contributed, and the ability to own such a top-tier piece of equipment is a privilege even today. With powerful performance, competitive pricing, and high reliability, the ESCape remains one of the DIY’ers favorite ESC’s to use for a high-performance build.

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Hoyt St DT on LY Evo FlyTrap

Hoyt St Drive Train – The Cadillac of Esk8 drive systems

Let me start with this… I have about 400 miles on the drive train now and have literally not had to turn a screw once. This drive system is $800, if you’re not looking to buy a fault-free and bullet proof drive train with as easy an installation as I’ve ever seen, then just move […]

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OG Carvons – A Comprehensive Review

Esk8 news managed to snag a dual drive sample of original Carvon prototypes, and today we’re putting this now historic piece of technology to the test as if it had just been released.

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DAVEGA X – Seductive Telemetry

From the user PoV, the DAVEGA X is phenomenal. The telemetry display is simple, elegant and easy to read. The customizable UI is a great option…

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How to turn a Lexus into a Corvette.

Thanks to the fine folks at Exway, I’ve had extensive time with the X1 Pro over the last few months. In my original review, I think I made it clear that IMHO this is a very unique and special esk8: A few weeks after I posted that review, they sent us a Riot belt […]

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Why you should want Hummie Hubs and how to get them.

With all the excitement over sweet AWD pneumie builds, tempting direct drive motors, and awesome esk8 events being pulled off all around the world, something pretty amazing is getting lost in the mix: Hummie Hubs are being offered again. For those well-versed in the esk8 DIY world, these hubs need no introduction. All over the […]

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Illume V2 – New Lights on the Block!

The DIY community has a reputation for making what we think is cool, as well as making what we need in areas where pre-built gear just isn’t cutting it. Hey – that’s why so many people build their own esk8s in the first place, right? It is only fitting then that when our safety comes […]

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Ackmaniac Firmware & App

How to: Ackmaniac ESC Tool

It seems there are some issues with the newest VESC Tool (as of 06/20/2019) including the absence of an ERPM limit for direction change (reverse) and unusable values applied with the motor setup wizard. After a recent discussion with Trampa, it appears that feature requests are equal to “You are all very good at complaining […]

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