Author: Mike Maner

Mike is a systems/communications engineer and a dad to 4 kids as well as being a member and forum leader of the electric skateboard building community. Mike is NOT a traitor, screw a damn unicycle! *shakes head in confusion at Damon thinking "why man, just why?"
Hoyt St DT on LY Evo FlyTrap

Hoyt St Drive Train – The Cadillac of Esk8 drive systems

Let me start with this… I have about 400 miles on the drive train now and have literally not had to turn a screw once. This drive system is $800, if you’re not looking to buy a fault-free and bullet proof drive train with as easy an installation as I’ve ever seen, then just move […]

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DAVEGA X – Seductive Telemetry

From the user PoV, the DAVEGA X is phenomenal. The telemetry display is simple, elegant and easy to read. The customizable UI is a great option…

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Why you should want Hummie Hubs and how to get them.

With all the excitement over sweet AWD pneumie builds, tempting direct drive motors, and awesome esk8 events being pulled off all around the world, something pretty amazing is getting lost in the mix: Hummie Hubs are being offered again. For those well-versed in the esk8 DIY world, these hubs need no introduction. All over the […]

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Ackmaniac Firmware & App

How to: Ackmaniac ESC Tool

It seems there are some issues with the newest VESC Tool (as of 06/20/2019) including the absence of an ERPM limit for direction change (reverse) and unusable values applied with the motor setup wizard. After a recent discussion with Trampa, it appears that feature requests are equal to “You are all very good at complaining […]

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Cheap AF Beginner Build (Info & Parts)

So you wanna build an ESK8 (Lightning Powered Murder Board) but don’t wanna empty your checking account before you know if you actually like it? I won’t answer every question that you come up with, because there is a search function on most forums that will help you get 99% of the answers you need. […]

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Building a Lightning Powered Murder Board – Part 3

Mike comes back with another chunk of the puzzle in the third installment of how to build your dream board.

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Alien Power System EVT3: The Good, The Bad, & There Isn’t Any Ugly

Mike takes us once again off into the wild to discover the best things. This time, it’s the APS remote.

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Building a Lightning Powered Murder Board – Part 2

Mike covers pulleys, mounts, and belts, and asks how many motors you think you’ll need in this latest installment.

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Building a Lightning Powered Murder Board – Part 1

In part one of Mike’s four part dive into building your first esk8, we cover some basics so you you don’t have to learn them the hard way.

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A Look At Surf Rodz: Spacers, Axles and Bearings

If you’re on the fence about Surf Rodz, this may help you get off of it.

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