These items are good enough to get top billing here at esk8.news. At least for a little while.

A Unique ESC: The Spintend Ubox

I put the Spintend Ubox in my daily rider for a couple of months to see what its all about. Turns out it’s all about awesome.

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Esk8 Battery Building for Dummies

Whats up you cool cats and kittens. The Robot is busy, so I robbed him blind and took over his build guide plans. The duck’s in charge now.  Today we are going to learn about building a “DRI 12S4P FlexPCB Battery Kit!” This thing is as simple as it gets, so even a bunch of […]

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Should you join a chain gang?

The electric skateboard industry has been dominated by a number of different drive trains throughout the years. Hub motors have been very popular on lower priced boards predominantly in the prebuilt Chinese board market however there have been high performance hubs with varying success. Belt drive has been the go-to for many people both entering […]

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Enertion – A Eulogy.

I feel like we’ve been here before. Enertion is dead, both online and in reality. The OG esk8 forum has been going down monthly, the last FOCBOX Unity’s have been sold, and the community has been ready to say goodbye for a while. I’ve followed Enertion closely since I met them in Berlin last summer […]

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