These items are good enough to get top billing here at esk8.news. At least for a little while.

Enertion – A Eulogy.

I feel like we’ve been here before. Enertion is dead, both online and in reality. The OG esk8 forum has been going down monthly, the last FOCBOX Unity’s have been sold, and the community has been ready to say goodbye for a while. I’ve followed Enertion closely since I met them in Berlin last summer […]

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An Evasive icon: The ESCape

There is no denying that the ESCape was a serious gem for its time, especially for the esk8 community. To this day, many are appreciative of the work that Stewii contributed, and the ability to own such a top-tier piece of equipment is a privilege even today. With powerful performance, competitive pricing, and high reliability, the ESCape remains one of the DIY’ers favorite ESC’s to use for a high-performance build.

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Hoyt St DT on LY Evo FlyTrap

Hoyt St Drive Train – The Cadillac of Esk8 drive systems

Let me start with this… I have about 400 miles on the drive train now and have literally not had to turn a screw once. This drive system is $800, if you’re not looking to buy a fault-free and bullet proof drive train with as easy an installation as I’ve ever seen, then just move […]

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