A Unique ESC: The Spintend Ubox

I put the Spintend Ubox in my daily rider for a couple of months to see what its all about. Turns out it’s all about awesome.

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An Evasive icon: The ESCape

There is no denying that the ESCape was a serious gem for its time, especially for the esk8 community. To this day, many are appreciative of the work that Stewii contributed, and the ability to own such a top-tier piece of equipment is a privilege even today. With powerful performance, competitive pricing, and high reliability, the ESCape remains one of the DIY’ers favorite ESC’s to use for a high-performance build.

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My Time With Enertion’s Unity (Beta 1) FOC Motor Controller

I tried to destroy it in all the ways a builder normally would, I really did. I even gave mother nature a stab at it, but she couldn’t even kill it for good.

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