This category features builds we like, guides on building your esk8, and wild projects people are trying to get moving.


Esk8 Battery Building for Dummies

Whats up you cool cats and kittens. The Robot is busy, so I robbed him blind and took over his build guide plans. The duck’s in charge now.  Today we are going to learn about building a “DRI 12S4P FlexPCB Battery Kit!” This thing is as simple as it gets, so even a bunch of […]

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Builder Showcase

In this very special edition of Builder Showcase, we explore the THC-infused boards of Linford Choo.

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Cheap AF Beginner Build (Info & Parts)

So you wanna build an ESK8 (Lightning Powered Murder Board) but don’t wanna empty your checking account before you know if you actually like it? I won’t answer every question that you come up with, because there is a search function on most forums that will help you get 99% of the answers you need. […]

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