Author: BillGordon

Wait, who? That’s what we keep asking ourselves here at He claims to be an advertising writer who’s obsessed with the world of electric skateboarding. We let him hang around with us in the hopes that he will one day release our children unharmed.

eLofty Direct Drives. A Tearjerker With A Very Happy Ending.

The movie starts with me looking longingly at the upcoming Torqueboards Direct Drive motors for the 87th time and then kicking some dirt in a vacant lot. The camera then goes P.O.V. and looks into the vast, yawning emptiness of my wallet. We hear a sad slide whistle. Then it’s back to me as I […]

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10 Questions with Moe Stooge.

We live in a world obsessed with speed, and in esk8, there’s one name that is synonymous with the pursuit of performance boards: Moe Stooge. Every aspect of his race boards are custom designed to to offer a stable platform to test the upper limits of forward velocity. While Moe is a strong racer in […]

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TB110 Wheels from Torqueboards. Like spreading butter on your board.

Well, maybe it’s more like putting butter under your board. Or butter on each individual wheel or something. Quit being a jerk. You know what I meant. Point is, these new wheels from Torqueboards are incredibly cushy, have rebound for days, and offer damn nice grip in dry conditions. I first started lusting after these […]

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The Exway X1 Pro. Think of it as a $999 Lexus.

I’ve ridden my share of hub motor boards since I started off in esk8. They get the job done, but it’s kind of like taking a date to the prom in your mom’s Toyota Tercel. You’ll definitely get there, but you’ll arrive with none of style or luxury points you’d earn in something like a […]

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