Esk8 Technology

TorqueBoards Announces 110mm Kegel Core Wheels

TB announces a monstrous 110mm 78A with the community’s favorite core type. Details inside.

Alien Power System EVT3: The Good, The Bad, & There Isn’t Any Ugly

Mike takes us once again off into the wild to discover the best things. This time, it’s the APS remote.

Moe Stooge Wheel System

Tim takes a set of Moe Stooge’s race wheels for a spin and reports back all the feelings.

Lazyrolling’s Reflective Wheels Are Very, Very Reflective

Daniel and Robin bring seriously reflective wheels for your night rides.

Loaded Motherboard: It is not what we were expecting

Loaded sent me a new board that they said was targeting the electric skateboard market.

Esk8 IQ: The Math and the Science of Electric Skateboarding – Part 3

The final chapter of Mike’s odyssey into the engineering concepts of electric skateboards. Maths and theoretical maximums await inside.

Getting Started

My Experience Commuting by Esk8 – Part 1

A 20 mile commute with electric skateboards and trains isn’t for everybody, but for some of us, it’s just how we do. Ben shares the beginnings of what he hopes will become a regular part of his day.

Esk8 and Airplanes: What a Nightmare

Ben Schwartz gets to the bottom of the headaches surrounding air travel with your favorite last mile ride.

Building a Lightning Powered Murder Board – Part 3

Mike comes back with another chunk of the puzzle in the third installment of how to build your dream board.

Building a Lightning Powered Murder Board – Part 2

Mike covers pulleys, mounts, and belts, and asks how many motors you think you’ll need in this latest installment.

Opinion & Politics

Why are electric skateboard ads such a bad influence?

If everyone should wear helmets, even if they don’t actually have to by law or rule, why are so many advertisers not doing the responsible thing?

Eskating Is Not a Crime

Mixed signals, bad perceptions, and bureaucracy strike again. Inside are my thoughts on the existing policies, why they may or may not make sense, and what we can do if there’s any hope at all.


The Electric Boarder Thunder in the Mountains Colorado 2019

JUNE 12 – 16 | The soon to be infamous sequel to the already infamous Esk8 Squad Renegade Las Vegas Weekend of 2018. You will want to be here. this will be the shit.

20 Years of Barrett Junction

Bombing uphill to celebrate 20 years of the legendary Barrett Junction! Be there January 19th – 21st 2019.