Brian Boney Interview: Burning Wood For Fun And Profit

This week we get to explore the world and work of Brian Boney of Boney Boards. We get some background on his life growing up with such an awesome name, tell the haters to fuck off, and finally get the show and tell treatment with some of his incredibly intricate wood burnings, both “on deck” and off.

Not only do we get to see some of his very impressive deck artwork, we also learn a little bit about how its done. Who knew water color worked so well on skateboard decks?

We later discuss why burning a design into human skin for a more exotic deck might be a bad idea, and then he ditches me because I got creepy. Not the first time, probably won’t be the last. I gotta be me.

damon wood

Damon is a professional electric skateboard builder of over four years and builds under the brand Long Haired Boy Fine Electric Skateboards (LHB, LHB FES) and is also an active member of and leader in the electric skateboard building community. He's also a traitor and rides an electric unicycle, so don't fall in love just yet.